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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 13, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> he is? >> i've got a foldout couch but i've got to get sheets and everything. >> don't forget to set your dvrs so you never miss an episode of-5-. see you right back here tomorrow. "special report" is up next. the question everyone is asking. what happened to that missing malaysian airliner? confusion, finger-pointing and now a new theory about pings. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm bret baier. did a malaysian airliner keep flying for hours after it lost contact and went missing? were set lights picking up data signals from the flight's maintenance systems? doesn't mal shab authorities said maps that were said to show debris from the plane last night likely were not debris from the plane. new questions tonight as
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investigators try to answer the biggest question of them all. what happened to flight 370? chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has our lead story tonight. >> sources say u.s. investigators have not fully discounted the possibility the jet flew for several hours after the transponder went dark and data, including signals data, transmitted by the aircraft is being evaluated in that light. asked about the possibility, the white house spokesman suggested it was under consideration. >> it's my understanding that based on some new information, that's not necessarily conclusive, but new information, an additional search area may be opened in the indian ocean, and we're consulting with international partners about the appropriate assets to deploy. >> the malaysian authorities were quick to dismiss the report first carried in the "wall street journal," that u.s. investigators were considering the jet was diverted, quote, with the intention of using it later for another purpose. >> whenever there are new details, they must be
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corroborated. trade's media report spoke specifically about boeing and rolls-royce and those reports rin accurate >> reporter: malaysian authorities dismissed the likelihood that these satellite photos, first posted on a chinese government website wednesday, show wreckage from the flight, claiming their own surveillance aircraft were dispatched to the area. >> we deployed our assets but found nothing. we have contacted the chinese embassy who notified us this afternoon that images were released by mistake and did not show any debris from mh-370. >> ntsb investigators say they were identified on march 9 one day after the flight was lost and the likely scenarios that the chinese would continue to monitor the site. >> with that accuracy, how in the world they wouldn't be tracking it continually. in other words, if they knew it three days ago it was there, did they give up?
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>> reporter: while malaysian investigators are interviewing the crews' families, former tsa officials say they will scrub the passenger manifest for anyone with flight training and will comb through the cargo records. >> i think one thing that's not yet been investigated is what cargo was aboard this aircraft? it's possible that there was some illicit cargo that somebody wanted to get from point "a" to point "b" for some nefarious reason. >> reporter: as the search goes to the one-week mark, investigators become more increasingly pessimistic. >> the longer it's down the less likely its we'll find anything floated. >> reporter: the uss kidd is being redirected to help find the jetliner. fox news was always told you don't take a destroyer out of mix and send it to the indian ocean on the hunch that there's some evidence to support this
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decision. bret? >> thank you. it's a debate that stretches back to ancient greece and rome, the separation of powers, and the fight of each branch to expand beyond its original limit. correspondent doug mcelway is at the white house with the latest battle in an age-old war. >> reporter: in an impassioned floor speech that brought fellow republicans to their feet trey gowdy spoke on the president's overreach. >> when any president whether it's your party or mine promises to make us a constitutional anomaly and an afterthought, we make law! >> reporter: less than a day later the president did it again. >> today i'm going to use my pen to give more americans the chance to earn the overtime pay that they deserve. >> reporter: the president signing an executive action to make more workers eligible tore overtime pay, just the latest example of why the house passed gowdy's enforce the law act that
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would allow congress to sue the executive branch in cases of executive overreach. republicans say the president set new standards to that, for the overtime rule and dozens of adjustments to the affordable care act and not enforcing immigration laws and minimum sentencing requirements, state defense of marriage laws and more. gowdy's bill was met with derision by democrats at both ends of pennsylvania avenue. >> the opportunity costs to be wasting time on the floor instead of creating jobs and addressing the challenges of the american people is something that the public must be aware of. >> the fact is it's not -- it's not going to get to the president's desk. >> reporter: constitutional law professor jonathan turley says the president's executive actions threaten the delicate orbit of the separate branches of government. >> you either have to find a way to compromise or you can't get much done, but the one option you don't have is to go it alone sneakstive actions are just one conflict over the constitutional separation of powers. another one is brewing between the senate and the cia with the
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senate intelligence committee chair dianne feinstein breaking ranks with the president to accuse the cia of spying on senate staffers. the cia firing back with similar charges against the senate. while some say the fight needs to be recommend deed through the third branch of government, the courts, a senior administration official tells fox news the president wants to resolve it through normal channels. white house counsel katherine rumler is immediately trying to mediate the impasse. as if to significant that will these kinds of impasses may continue a senior administration official said the president has no intention of being limited by gop obstructionism. bret? >> doug mcelway on the north lawn, thank you. which branch of the government do you think is most overstepping its constitutional limits? let me know at or on twitter and use t the #specialreport. stocks had their worst day in more than a month, partly due to fears over china's economy and over the rising tensions in
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ukraine. you can see the dow sunk 231 today. the s&p 500 dropped 22 and the nasdaq finished 63 beyond. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was on capitol hill again today. she gave her take on the selective enforcement of parts of obamacare. >> nothing has been discarded in terms of the law. the law is still very much in place. what we are doing with some of the features of the law in terms of having a transition most focused on people who have insurance coming into compliance with some of the new features of the plans, to gradually phase those in over a period of time. >> both yesterday and today sebelius denied that the individual mandate was being weakened and others have argued it has been and dramatically so. here's chief national correspondent jim angle. >> reporter: a new debate has
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broken out over the individual mandate as analysts argue the hardship exemptions are so broad almost anyone can avoid the tax penalty for not buying insurance. >> the notion of covering the uninsured and having a mandate, which they said was absolutely crucial to obamacare, is falling apart day by day. >> there's a real question of whether the white house has just abandoned the individual mandate, the heart of obamacare itself. >> reporter: hardship exemptions are primarily aimed at the homeless or victims of evictions, foreclosures or bankruptcies and the like, but the last two, the 13th and 14th, opened the door wider. number 13 offers a hardship exemption if, quote, you received a notice saying that your current health insurance plan is being cancelled and you consider the other plans available unaffordable. it asked only for a copy of notice of cancellation. that was a pretty low bar to avoid the mandate, but then number 14 made it lower still, allowing a waiver if, quote, you experienced another hardship in obtaining health insurance, and
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only asked for documentation, if possible. so critics argue those wanting to avoid the mandate and the tax penalty could say almost anything. >> you can say i couldn't find a policy that suits my needs, too expensive, unaffordable. i have a special condition, didn't look like it was covered. anything as long as you say i had a hardship of getting insurance, i won the exemption. >> we've known for a long time now that this law was unworkable and this just further proves that point. >> reporter: representative jenkins was particularly surprised after her bill to delay the individual mandate for a year passed last week by 250-160 with the support of 27 democrats. >> on the day we were debating a one-year delay on the penalty for individuals, the president issued a veto threat. >> reporter: officials encourage those exempted to buy catastrophic insurance. documents warn consumers, however, they must apply for
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exemptions and may be denied. >> i don't think there's any rell stick chance they will enforce this so you can go without insurance entirely. >> reporter: the administration argued the demand is sacrosanct and critiedi cred critics say i wasn't endoso much. >> and secretary kerry asked about the keystone pipeline project. >> i'm not at liberty to go into my thinking at this point. it's just not appropriate, except to say to you that i'm approaching this, you know, cablo race. >> meanwhile president obama's national security adviser says president obama should approve the pipeline as a matter of national security. jones told the foreign relations committee that aproving the pipeline would send a message to russian president vladimir putin and others that they cannot use energy security as a weapon.
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up next, a close look at the ciman peninsula's self-defense forces, but first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. wtbt in tampa has another twist in the movie theater shooting there. according to court documents, the former police officer accused of killing a man for texting had used his own phone to send a message to his son minutes before the shooting. wnyd is following up on the explosion that flattened two new york city apartment buildings. so far at least seven people are dead and more than 60 hurt. the blast was triggered by a gas leak. and this is a live look at austin from our fox affiliate kbtc, the story there is a suspected drunken driver who plowed no a crowd at the south by southwest festival. two people died and almost two dozen others were injured. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. so you're telling me your mom has a mom cave?
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a flurry of words from both side of the east-west standoff just three days before crimea takes a critical vote on its future. secretary of state john kerry is warning russia that it will face an immediate very serious series of steps from the u.s. and europe if it annexes crimea. vladimir putin insists russia did not instigate the ongoing crisis in crimea, something that much of the west disputes. this as ukraine's prime minister told the u.n. late this afternoon that nuclear non-proliferation was at risk unless his country and russia could resolve their crisis. now to senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg who is in kiev with a look at crimea's self-defense forces. >> reporter: three days before crimea's referendum, and it's unclear just what sort of plan is in place to protect ukraine's territorial integrity. >> ukraine's army is basically untested.
3:16 pm
the one proven force around is a self-organized self-defense force. they are the ones who essentially brought down the last government. >> there was a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of dedication. the example is the guys that went up against the snipers with wooden shields. >> reporter: this retired ukrainian-american journalist came from silver spring, maryland, to help defend independent square. he was badly beaten by riot police. in the power vacuum he and his comrades have stepped in to fill the role of police. they let us into their compound. people donate time and talent to look after these forces who are all volunteers as well. they are under the auspices of the government, but many here consider they only answer to each other. they started out with clubs, but now some have weapons. >> translator: some have bought guns, hunting guns. some have modified weapons taken from the rifles. they are not regulated, not leeshlgs but in the right hands. >> reporter: they could become an asset to the country in the
3:17 pm
coming days or with little regulation and lots of fervor a liability if the situation here becomes more explosive. they pray they won't be put to that test >> translator: we want to take up arms. russians are our brothers because -- >> reporter: in kiev, amy kellogg, fox news. pope francis marked his one-year anniversary with a simple tweet today. please pray for me. the appeal echoed his gesture that rainy night one year ago when he came out on to the ball cone of st. peters basilica and introduced him to the world. you may remember rather than blessing the crowd below he bowed and asked the crowd to bless him. house speaker john boehner today announced he's extended an open and formal invitation to pope francis to address a joint meeting of congress. there's a new leader of libya today after a strange and dark turn of events involving armed rebels, a whole lot of oil
3:18 pm
and even north korea. chief washington correspondent james rosen explains how it affects u.s. security interests. >> reporter: defence minister abdullah al fini took the oath as interim prime minister shortly after parliament voted out zeddan and the ex-prime minister fled under threat of prime minister to the nearby island of malta and then on to germany. >> we appreciate the leadership of the prime minister who no greated a fragile time in libya's transition. >> reporter: this latest upheaval in the north african country climaxed a bizarre set of event in which this north korean-flagged tanker docked illegally at a libyan port last week and took on board a reported 250,000 barrels of oil. zidan said unauthorized militia groups were selling oil and threatened to bomb the tanker, but it sailed off anyway >> translator: when the tanker left it was followed, located
3:19 pm
and bombed. the bombing of the tanker was carried out by the libyan air force. a fire erupted on the ship's towers. this was also seen by a u.s. navy unit >> reporter: tanker made it to international waters and the north koreans said their role was misunderstood. >> translator: the oil tanker "morning glory" is a ship run by the golden east company in alexandria, egypt and was allowed to use the north korea flag for six months. the ship has nothing to do with us at present >> reporter: deadly terrorist attacks in benghazi exposed the dire threats to u.s. interests that exist in libya where no central authority can rein in the bewildering number of armed militias, rebel groups and jihadists. >> if it continues to deteriorate into a lawless state, those weapons will not stay in libya. those people who are muslim extremists, already many of them have left for syria, and they could be destabilizing their neighboring countries. >> reporter: analysts say elections in libya will now be put off until july but that among the population there is
3:20 pm
still strong support for a transition to democracy. bret? >> james, thank you. the u.s. faces a coast-to-coast blackout for weeks if not months. if just nine of the countries's 55,000 electric transmission substations are knocked out. that's the conclusion from a study by the federal energy regulatory commission. it concluded coordinated attacks in each the nation's three separate electric systems could cause the entire power network to collapse. the eu turns up its nose at american cheeses and one lawmaker who needs a history lesson on the age of the u.s. constitution. the grain vine is next.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine, a little early. we'll explain why in a bit. a u.s. senator is telling regulator web addresses ending in dot sucks has no place on the worldwide web. domains are expanding from the original to include countless others like dot singles and dot guru and, that's right, dot sucks. jay rockefeller said that particular ending would be likely used to defame legitimate websites and people and force them to pay big bucks to take the dot sucks version of their website off the market. some fuzzy math yesterday during a speech on the house floor as texas democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee argued that a bill who is unconstitutional. she thanked her republican conclusion. >> for giving us an opportunity to have a deliberative
3:25 pm
constitutional discussion that reinforces the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some 400 years operating under a constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not. >> well, 400 years is a bit of an overstatement. the constitution was adopted 227 years ago in 1787, 400 years takes us back to colonial times when colonists were settling jamestown. in the year 1614 pocahontas married john ross. finally the eu had a firm message for the u.s. at a recent trade talk. lay off our cheese. they said bad imitations of their products are sullying the reputations of authentic cheeses. if it's not from parma i shouldn't call it parmesan in
3:26 pm
the eu. the powdery cheese in the green can doesn't make it. asiago and munster would also be on the chopping block. u.s. dairy producers argue name changes will just confuse shoppers. they said this is an attempt to lay claim on america's $4 billion a year cheese industry. we're bringing in the fox all stars a bit early to cover some races to watch this year. plus, a full explainer from campaign carl cameron next.
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in america's election headquarters fresh off the special election win in florida district 13, republicans are looking to continue their momentum into the fall, and that means picking the right candidates in the primary process. chief political correspondent carl cameron on some key races to watch. >> reporter: illinois's primaries are tuesday. governor pat quinn is the most vulnerable incumbent democrat nationwide. four republicans are vying for the chance to take over next year in president obama's home state n.illinois's 17th congressional district freshman democrat sherry bustos is unopposed and will face a rematch against former gop congressman bobby shilling who lost the seat to her in 2012. illinois's freshman 13th incumbent rodney davis faces a primary challenge from a beauty queen turned harvard law grad. >> i experienced the best of our country when i served as miss america and felt the power of
3:31 pm
our constitution while studying at harvard law school. >> no primaries in april but in may things heat up. in ohio and indiana most earthquakes in both parties are considered safe and next comes west virginia where democratic incumbent senator jay rockefeller is retiring and sherry capito is favored to win. four republicans are running to replace him and the seat is likely to remain in gop hands. may 0th is big, arkansas democratic senator mark pryor is a top gop target and tom codden become the official nominee and already leads pryor in polls. both sides have all but settles on nominees, mike ross, a democrat will face asa hutchinson for the gop. this one will be close and bitter all year. georgia senator saxby chambliss' retirement sparked a brawl in the peach state. whoever rins faces democrat michelle nun, daughter of georgia's respected senator sam
3:32 pm
nunn. the left thinks this is one of their best chances for a pickup. in kentucky republican senator mitch mcconnell faces a tea party rival but has a commanding lead in the polls. democrats think alison grimes whose father was a state party boss has a chance to knock off mcconnell in the fall. pennsylvania's gop could have tom corbett is not. he's expected to win his primary but five democrats are running to face him in the fall and he trails all of them in the polls. on the left democrats this year tried to minimize tough primaries against their incumbents while on the right there are some but the gop's house majority is generally considered pretty safe and there's a real chance the republicans can pick up the six seats in the senate for the majority there as well. bret? >> carl, thank you. let's bring in our panel early now to talk about 2014. syndicated columnist george will, juan williams, columnist with "the hill" and judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. we've been talking about obamacare and how many that played and will play in 2014.
3:33 pm
here's what minority leader -- house minority leader pelosi said about that today. >> i'm very proud of our house democrats and how they have not only embraced the affordable care act but they helped create it but how proud they are of it. i think that the republicans are wasting their time using that as their electoral issue, and they will find that out. >> okay. judge, thoughts? >> well, i think in terms of what she's speaking about, she's really misreading the country. i mean, the rollout was a disaster, the enforcement of it is a disaster. i would defy anybody to say what's being enforced and what parts are not and the democrats are running from it. i think that this is the republicans' strongest argument for increasing their -- their status in the senate, perhaps taking it over and increasing their numbers in the house. every single democrat seeking re-election voted for obamacare. >> interesting primaries to watch? >> i have a couple of primaries
3:34 pm
that i'm very interested in. i'm very interested in mitch mcconnell/matt bevin in kentucky. i don't think mcconnell can beat bevin, but this is such a harshly divided, seriously barry goldwater versus nelson rockefeller type argument between the two, that if mcconnell continues to violate ronald reagan's 11th commandment, thou shalt not speak evil of a fellow republican, the tea partyiers, the libertarians, small government republicans, and there's a lot of them in kentucky also, stay home in november. >> juan? >> i think the one to watch is what's going on in georgia. carl cameron mentioned it at the very end of his report. you have a fascinating dynamic taking place there, three republicans running, three who are already in the house of representatives, running now to be the senate nominee. you have jack kingston, phil gingrey and paul brown and brown
3:35 pm
is the one who is leading at the moment but from the democrats' perspective he's the guy given to making extreme statements. i think he said evolution is a lie straight from the pit of hell and that kind of stuff so in some ways the republicans are again finding themselves in the same box that led them not to capture the senate last time when i thought they were going to get a majority which is that they nominate candidates that don't have a great deal of appeal to independents and democrats. >> because while people would look at georgia and say that's a -- probably a republican-leaning place, sam nunn's daughter is positioned on the democratic side to be a formidable democratic candidate potentially. >> yes, and you should say that sam nunn is a moderate democrat, much loved in the state, you know, retired and all that, but someone whose daughter now is able to enheart that legacy and that good name and obviously in politics, you know, name recognition is money. >> the reason national republicans are afraid of representative and dr. paul
3:36 pm
brown is that he said evolution, the big bang and embryology are ideas straight from the pit of hell. >> a physician nevertheless. >> another physician running that makes obamacare interesting, and that is in oregon dr. monica wiebe is a pediatric neurosurgeon which would help the republicans because, a, she's a woman, so it's hard for them to say that she's waging a war on woman and has the best bumper sicker of the year, it is keep your doctor, change your senator. in the state of illinois that carl was just talking about, proof of the strength of bruce browner, a businessman, is that the public employees unions aren't i venk in the republican primary trying to stop him. this matters is because illinois is by any measure the worst governed state in the union particularly with crush pension obligations that mr. browner wants to do something about. >> he has a lot of money and has
3:37 pm
put a lot in that race. >> that's right. >> you look at some place like west virginia, shelly moore capito. she is well-positioned there. >> yeah, absolutely, because, again, what you have is a state -- it's on several levels, by the way. i mean, it's not only that you have a republican well positioned because of the energy issues that are at play, and she's well known having been in the congress, so she's got the name recognition we were talking about earlier, but you even have a democrat like nick rahal, he's pretty popular in the state but republicans in their strategy see him as vulnerable, again, because he voted for the carbon tax, and so anybody who has taken these positions on the democratic side now, what the republicans want to do is emphasize to voters you don't know your own candidate. you may think he's a nice guy but he voted for the carbon tax opening the door. >> last thing on the president's coattails and lack of them, the latest polls, the "wall street journal"/nbc poll just out this
3:38 pm
week, the approval now down to 41%, as you see the comparison from 61% in april 2009, and then our poll, fox poll, down to 38%, the lowest it's been in the fox news poll from 42% in february. judge, it's hard to overstate, you know, how perhaps in some of these states how toxic president obama is for some of these candidates. >> you're right. gone are the days when the incumbent president would swoop in and get 75,000 people on a couple of street corners in philadelphia or raise a ton of money for democratic candidates in an off-year election. the democrats don't want him anywhere neither election. many of the democrats don't even want to mention that they are democrats with him in the white house. >> he can raise money but maybe not in those states. >> he can raise money as long as he does it at the home of rich friends, but the question is when he goes to north carolina, we saw this, he went down there, and the democratic candidate for senate, the incumbent senator
3:39 pm
hagan stayed away. >> an argument older than the constitution, the fight over the separation of powers. we'll be right back. this is the oreck magnesium rs
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order now the oreck magnesium rs i'm directing tom perez, my secretary of labor, to restore the common sense principle behind overtime. if you go above and beyond to help your employer and your economy succeed, then you should share a little bit in that success. we're going to do this the right way. we're going to consult with both workers and businesses as we update our overtime rules. >> the number one question i get when i'm out and traveling around the country is how can the president amend legislation, how can he do this without the permission of congress because he seems to be writing his own laws whenever he feels like it? >> how can the president do this? we're back with the panel. george, a lot of people write in, e-mail in, tweet, this
3:43 pm
administration seems like it does a lot of things, not to say that other administrations don't have executive orders and haven't done executive orders, but it seems like they have done a lot of things unilaterally without congress. >> often in the name of enforcement discretion, and it will be interesting when next there's a republican president, the capital gains tax is just not in the national interest and i'm not going to collect it, i'm just not going to enforce that provision of the law. this argument is older than the republic. modern conservatism was born and n reaction against two strong executives, lyndon johnson and before that roosevelt, but that said republican presidents, too, have abused this. with signing statements. they will sign a bill, a law -- a bill into law and they will say, yes, but this provision and that provision i don't agree that, and they will say that not on constitutional grounds but on policy grounds which again is an
3:44 pm
example of executive overreach. >> candidate obama said he wasn't going to do signing statements, if you remember, running in the race in 2007. what do you think, juan? i mean, do you think that there has been an executive overreach in this administration? >> well, i just look at the hard numbers, as george said. you see republicans and democrats do it, and if you look at the analysis you would see that president obama in fact doesn't even come close to what george w. bush did in terms of executive orders and certainly not what bill clinton did. i don't think he has half of the executive issues that bill clinton did, so the bigger point here is i think you're in a unique moment where the republicans have had a successful strategy of obstruction. they just don't want to work with the guy. they stop everything. i think it's a do-nothing congress. the question is should this president then cede his power because they have undermined him horshould he in fact show some gumption to say i'm trying to get something done? i think that's what you're seeing here. >> historically i agree with george. my favorite president thomas jeff sob says i won't even
3:45 pm
enforce the alien and sedition act so presidents have done this traditionally since world war ii. it's totally out of hand. now i profoundly disagree with juan. it is not the number of executive orders signed by the president, it's those executive orders which intrude into the province of the law-making branch which is the congress. the president of the united states said to 11 million illegal immigrants, hey, do, a, b, c, d, and, e, i won't deport you. where d did he get that from, he made it up so instead of enforcing the law he's telling 11 million people how to avoid obeying the law. i think i reached the tipping point with senator feinstein of california, the dramatic change on enough is enough with the spying will cause the congress, i believe, to begin to take back power that it has been ceding to presidents since the new deal. >> that's precisely it. the congress is at fault here. >> yes. >> for doing nothing.
3:46 pm
>> for letting its power be leached away. jefferson, boone's companion, james madison, we see throughout our system the policy of supplying by opposite and rival interest the defect of better motives, that is, the men with the motives, each institution is supposed to defend itself. they are supposed to be rivals, and the congress has been a weak rival of the executive, and it's time to stand up. >> here is congressman trey gowdy doing his best defense. >> this bill simply gives us standing when our votes are nullified. this bill allows us to petition the judicial branch for an order requiring the executive branch to faithfully execute the law. mr. speaker, we are not held in high public esteem right now. maybe members of congress would be respected more if we respected ourselves enough to
3:47 pm
require that when we pass something, it be treated as law! >> to your point, george. >> i had breakfast with trey gowdy who is not crazy about congress because he sees how much they have been marginalized and like a good citizen may become a citizen legislator and then go home. >> the courts are not going to get involved, even if this legislation miraculously were to pass the senate and the president would override his veto because they would say it's a political issue, a dispute between the other two branches but the essence of what he's saying needs to be said. congress is to blame here for letting presidents get away with it, and when courts do review the extra constitutional behavior of the presidents, the first thing they look at is did congress approve this? did congress look the other way? did congress remain silent? >> is there an understanding in the voting public about this issue? is there a knowledge about it? do most people think this is a
3:48 pm
do-nothing congress and the president is up against a wall and, therefore, he needs to use his pen and his phone and they stand with him, or is this an executive branch out of control? i mean, where do you think the mindset of the country is? >> it's -- in this environment we are so polarized, bret. you can't get an honest answer. what you get is republicans, and i think that's what we see from congressman gowdy is grandstanding. he's playing to the base and beginning up to the republican base heading towards the mid-term and he's building a narrative we've got king obama out here acting as a monarch and ignoring the other branch of government and violating our basic american principles and you saw the reaction, they were shouting and cheering. >> i'm asking you where is america? >> i think america -- you know where america comes into this, on war powers, because there, to pick up on george's point, the congress abandoned -- they don't want their fingerprints oftentimes on an act of war so they will back off and say oh, you go ahead, mr. president, but
3:49 pm
that has a real consequence and then as you go farther down the line and away from such issues, that's where the american people pay attention. right now this is a lot of static back and forth. it plays politically well for the base on the gop side and on the democratic side it has little resonance >> it will play i bet in the election. it will come up. >> agreed. >> next up, the hunt for that missing malaysian jet. what's the panel think of that? [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up
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it's my understanding that based on some new information that's not necessarily conclusive but new information an additional search area may be opened in the indian ocean and we are consulting with international partners about the appropriate assets to deploy. >> that's the mystery everybody is asking about. this malaysian airliner.
3:53 pm
what happened? what's going on? no one knows. the search is continuing. we are back with the panel. since a lot of people are are speculating about it, we are waiting for information. we thought we would ask the panel. george, any thoughts? >> speculation other than i rather suspect they will find it because there is so much electronics involved in this on the plane and in the way we follow these instruments around the world. my thought on this is air travel injuries by mile travel is far and away the safest form of transportation in the history of the world including walking. it's just astonishing how good we are at this moving passengers around the world like this and how dependent we are. you rode a stage coach you rode a stage coach. air traffic control we can't see and we just trust it.
3:54 pm
juan? i wish charles was here because i'm sure he would tell me it's in obama's backyard. which, you know that obama you have got to watch him. i this think that what struck me about this story is i thought they could always tell where an aircraft was. they might have to search a large area but they knew where that aircraft was. it turns out that's not true. this morning's story, "wall street journal" about the possibility turns out they say that's not so. the streak in the water not so. the picture on the chinese satellite, not so. watching investigation unfold and poor families go
3:55 pm
to press conferences and wait for anything unbelievable. >> 230 -- 240 people each with a iphone or blackberry where is the nsa spying when we need it. being facetious. do i agree on george i think it's on land somewhere that's how we keep getting all those signals. why it came down and how it came down who knows? >> we will follow every step and we have been along the way. if there is anything, we will bring it to you here. we expect some -- catherine herridge has been all over every development throughout. that's it for the panel. but stay tuned for a confession from one of our own.
3:56 pm
marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips.
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3:58 pm
finally tonight, the
3:59 pm
director of the tween two ferns. you know that show president obama showed up on. he would not confirm or deny that president obama was given a list of questions ahead of his interview with zach. one show that does go over questions with their guests, the daily show. as we found out tuesday night from our own judge napolitano. somewhere between 785,000 and 800,000 human beings died because of lincoln's war. that's more americans than all war put together. >> but how many slaves? >> you know, i don't know the answer on how many slaves. that was not in one of the questions you gave me ahead of time. [ laughter ] >> you are supposed to pretend we were all smart, judge. >> you couldn't play along, judge? >> thank you. i didn't know that was coming. >> i know you didn't know that was coming. they gave you questions.
4:00 pm
>> they did. >> did you have fun at least. >> it's a blast. >> and you survived? >> i'm still here. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here is greta. >> this is fox news alert. we are following very closely a massive history. six days and still no trace of malaysia airlines flight 370 with 23 souls on board. and right now a massive search continues 10 countries including the united states, china, vietnam, and australia. and that's not all. the search includes at least 56 ships. 36 wing aircraft and 10 helicopters and even today u.s. navy officials confirming the uss kid is on its way to the indian ocean to help in the search. taiwanese vessels are expected to arrive there between now and friday. the search area is growing after new reports the plane may havel


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